Service & Support

The sale of a product is not the end of our relationship with the customer. After sale free service warranty is provided by us for one year. On expiry of after sale free service warranty, service charge is applied on the basis of per call per machine. We render service to our customers all over the country.

Our continuous commitment is to provide high quality support to all JOE customers. So for smooth operation of the photocopier machine we enter into service contract with the customers on yearly basis.

Terms & Conditions of yearly basis service contract are :
  • JOE Service engineer must visit your photocopy machine once in a month or 12 (Twelve) Times in a year. But if it is required more servicing we are always ready to render service to your photocopy machine maximum 15 (Fifteen) times in a year.
  • Servicing means cleaning and minor adjustment of your photocopier machine that are generally done by our outdoor field service engineer.
  • In case of repairing we shall submit our estimate for your approval and on getting your work order we shall take up the repairing job in hand.